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Hi! How can we help you today?

We want people and businesses to be able to defend themselves in the digital world.

In the beginning, we were three people passionate about technology, envisioning the possibility of transforming cyberspace into a safer environment,

Soon came the idea of ​​research and deepening: tests, simulations, analyses, errors, successes... 

Aos poucos nosso interesse e expertise se multiplicavam e os desafios eram cada vez maiores. Decidimos compartilhar nossa experiência com estudantes e pesquisadores dedicados ao tema.

We've come a long way since then!

Today, we are specialists in Offensive Security, we have research and development as drivers of knowledge, we have become an efficient team, capable of designing the defense of businesses and people against the dangers of the digital space. 

Today, We are IntruderLabs!

What we do.

Our role is to help your company build a solid shield that defends real protection for all agents involved in the business. 

We analyze vulnerabilities that facilitate the access of malicious agents to network infrastructures, we test intrusions systems simulating what a cyber attack would do using the most modern technology.

We integrate digital security management comprehensively and thoroughly into any market segment without leaving any loose ends, in a continuous effort for the evolution of security, from the technical part to the education of agents involved with the business. 

We noticed that there is a lot of similar services on the market, so we talked about creating different methods, which delve into internal and external infrastructures and deliver complete solutions, essential to strengthen the digital security of each business.

We are proud to guarantee quality in all the solutions we deliver, we insist that our managers closely monitor our expert consultants.

Solid partnerships make all the difference.

Along our journey we have built strong bridges, partners who, like us, believe that relevant businesses, which deliver real value to society, can grow together, as an organism.

We are in good company!

To become an IntruderLabs partner, just contact one of our agents.

We believe that knowledge is The Strongest Shield.

Therefore, we create quality content to guide teams from any market segment in understanding digital security, giving these teams defense power through knowledge.

We give lectures and specific training to meet the demands of our partners and their customers, focusing on the needs of each business, in addition to posting important articles on our networks, with updates regarding the universe of offensive security

Continuous Improvement Plan

Our consultants have market experience proven both by the results delivered and by market certifications:


There is no limit to improving our knowledge. At Intruder, we are firm in the present, but we keep our eyes on the future.

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